A local firm with international standards

Our lawyers are experts in all our practice areas and provide their advice with the highest standards of excellence. Additionally, our team of professionals has experience working with international lawyers and clients, which allows us to provide adequate services and meet their expectations.  

Our presence in Ecuador

To serve our clients directly and efficiently, our firm has offices in both Guayaquil and Quito. Each office has their own resident staff, however most of our lawyers work in both offices, fulfilling our commitment to provide nationwide services.

Client-focused culture

Work-teams are assembled with the main purpose of providing the most cost-efficient legal service, according to the field of law, the expertise of each lawyer and the needs of each client and project.


Coronel & Pérez has been recognized as a leading firm by the most prestigious law directories of the world. Throughout the years, we have built a solid reputation, locally and internationally, and a record of success forged by the excellence, responsibility and ethics with which we manage each matter entrusted to us by our clients.      

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