Hernán Pérez Loose

Arbitration and Litigation, Civil, Administrative and Constitutional Law, Oil, Energy and Mines, International Trade and Foreign Investment, Concessions, Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Projects, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

Hernán is one of Coronel & Pérez co-founder. His experience involves, mainly, matters of arbitration and investment litigation; contract law, especially public contracts; mergers and acquisitions; constitutional law and administrative law. He has represented clients in human rights matters before the Interamerican System of Human Rights; and he has represented the Republic of Ecuador in diplomatic negotiations.

He has been Legal Advisor to the Attorney General´s Office, the President of Ecuador, and Alternate Delegate in the Constitutional Convention of 1998. Since the year 2005, Hernán is a registered arbitrator, and is currently Delegate of Ecuador before the Arbitration Commission of the ICC, Paris.


Hernán Pérez´s experience includes, among other matters, the following:

Arbitration and Litigation

  • Co-responsible attorney of Duke Energy Electroquil Partners y Electroquil S.A. (“Duke”), in an arbitration before the ICSID, 6 million us dollars award granted.
  • Expert in various matters on Ecuadorian law for Occidental Petroleum Corporation and Occidental Exploration and Production Company (Oxy), in an arbitration before the ICSID. Award for 2.3 billion dollars in favor of the plaintiff. 
  • Expert in contracts matters and administrative law for Perenco Ecuador Ltd. (Perenco), in an arbitration before de ICSID.  The Court ruled Ecuador to have breached the France – Ecuador Investment Treaty. 
  • Expert witness on Ecuadorean law issues, including oil regulations and administrative law for Burlington Resources Inc., in an ICSID arbitration against Ecuador. The tribunal has ruled that Ecuador breached the US-Ecuador bilateral investment treaty.  Award for 380 million dollars in favor of the plaintiff.
  • Counsel for the editors Carlos Pérez, Cesar Pérez, Nicolas Pérez, and former journalist Emilio Palacio, of El Universo newspaper, in a human right complaint against the Republic of Ecuador. The Inter-American Commission of Human Rights has ruled that it has authority to hear the lawsuit. 
  • Expert in Ecuadorian law in several matters of contracts, administrative law and oil for Murphy Exploration and Production Company International, in an UNCITRAL arbitration. The court rendered an award in favor of Murphy for 20 million dollars.
  • Expert in Ecuadorian law in several administrative matters and contracts for two Spanish multinational companies, in an UNCITRAL investment arbitration against the Republic of Ecuador. 
  • Expert in Ecuadorian law in matters of civil liability for Ikaria Maritime Corporation, in litigation before the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, Queen’s Bench Division, Admiralty Court. 
  • Counsel for the defense of Ms. Dasha Valarezo against an extradition request before the Court of London. 
  • Lawyer of the multinational company AMDOCS Development Limited before the Administrative Court of Quito, in a complex litigation against the Corporación Nacional de Telecomunicaciones.
  • Expert in Ecuadorian law in several concessions and administrative law matters for Hutchinson Port Investment Limited in an ICC arbitration. The arbitration took place in Panama. 
  • Expert in Ecuadorian commercial law for E & J Gallo Winery in an action of the United States against an Ecuadorian distributor. The Gallo Winery lawsuit was confirmed by the Ninth Circuit of the Federal Court of the United States. 
  • Expert in corporate law in a lawsuit initiated by Mrs. Vivian Czarninski, an Israeli citizen, against several Delaware companies and Ecuadorian shareholders. The Court of the Delaware State Chancery ruled in favor of the plaintiff.
  • Leading lawyer of BASF Aktiengesellschaft, in more than 30 lawsuits of damages followed by Ecuadorian shrimp companies, originated in a trial in the United States for an amount of one billion dollars. 
  • Counsel in charge of the legal defense and representation of the multinational Holcim (Switzerland), in an administrative litigation over the payment of profits to former employees.
  • Lawyer of the company Ambev, in a litigation on intellectual property. 
  • Counsel of the Wong family, of La Favorita Grupo Wong, in a dispute with a local bank.


International Trade and Foreign Investment

  • Leading Lawyer of Sumifru International, Sumitomo Group, Japan, in the acquisition of several banana plantations owned by the Bank of Moscow. 
  • Counsel of Sumifru Ecuador in commercial and regulatory matters, in reference to the fruit export business. 
  • Advisor to International Water Services (Guayaquil) INTERAGUA, the Ecuadorian subsidiary of Bechtel, for a 30-year concession for the potable water supply and sewerage service of the city of Guayaquil. 
  • Counsel of Visa International for Ecuador. 
  • Advisor of Corporación América, Argentina, for the tender and award of the contract for the construction and concession of Guayaquil International Airport. 
  • Counsel of Empresa Electrica del Ecuador Inc. (Emelec), a company of Maine, in several matters related to the concession of electric power service, including the electricity market, tariffs, PPAs and administrative law.


Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Counsel of the company Cridesa, subsidiary of Owens Illinois, in contractual and corporate matters.
  • Counsel of the company El Universo, editor of the newspaper El Universo, in several corporate matters.
  • Counsel of the Vilaseca Group regarding commercial and corporate matters. 
  • Counsel of the company Ecuavisa Televisión on issues related to its transmission business.
  • Counsel of the Reybanpac Group in its banana plantation and export operation.
  • Counsel of the company Alcan Inc., Canada, in the acquisition of Ecuador’s largest balsa producer.
  • Counsel of the company Shell Ecuador in the sale of its network of service stations and commercial units in Ecuador, to a Peruvian group.
  • Counsel in charge of the Due diligence of an oil concession, prior to its acquisition. 

Qualification and Memberships

  • Lawyer of the Courts and Tribunals of Ecuador (1979)
  • Foreign legal consultant, Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division, New York. (2011)
  • Registered Arbitrator in the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil
  • Life member of the American Society of International Law
  • Member of the American Society of Comparative Law
  • Member of the International Bar Association
  • Member of the American Bar Association
  • Member of the New York City Bar Association
  • Member of the Consejo para las Américas de Abogados por los Derechos Civiles y Económicos
  • Member of the "Red Interamericana de Contratación Pública"
  • Member of the Ecuadorian Institute of Administrative Law
  • Member of the Latin-American Arbitration Association

Academic Activities

  • Harvard University; Research assistant of Foreign Investments in the Third World
  • Nueva York University NYU; Research assistant UNITAR
  • Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo, Guayaquil; Political Science Professor
  • Universidad Católica de Guayaquil; International Contract Law Professor
  • Universidad Católica de Guayaquil; Constitutional Law Professor
  • Universidad Católica de Guayaquil; Private International Law Professor
  • Universidad Católica de Guayaquil; Administrative Law Assistant Professor


  • Harvard University; Doctor of Juridical Science (1989)
  • Harvard University; Master of Law (1985)
  • Nueva York University NYU; Master of Comparative Law (1982)
  • Universidad Católica de Guayaquil, Law Degree (1979)


  • Jorge Zavala Baquerizo Award. Bar Association of Ecuador. Guayaquil (2016)
  • Awarded the Orden Nacional Al Mérito, en el Grado de Gran Cruz, for service to the country in the peace negotiations with Perú. Quito (1999)
  • Co-winner in the Lynn Award for the best doctoral dissertation of international law. Law School, Harvard, Cambridge (1989)


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italian


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